Create a Payment Link

Payment links can be viewed as a basic payment form that enables any of your borrowers to come and make a one-off payment. If you wish to associate this payment with a loan after the fact you can do so. They are normally used for one time payments like a Downpayment.

  1. Go to “Links” and click on the “+ New Payment Link” button on the upper right of the page

  1. Fill out the form on the next screen

  1. Click on the button “ Save Payment Link Details” and on the next screen, you may review the details. Once used, only the name can be modified. All other details are locked. When ready, click on “Create Payment link “ button.

  1. Here is the payment link that you may share with the borrower.

The box “Update slug to match name” allows you to make the Payment link slug and Payment link name to match. If you would like to customize the Payment link slug, please uncheck the box.

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