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Fun Facts! Swipe and Deploy
Fun Facts! Swipe and Deploy in Settings!
Fun Facts! Swipe and Deploy in Settings!

Every time your customer gets a notified of payment being processed they get a little "sting" in their heart... Lets mitigate that sting!

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So, I don't know about you, but with every subscription I have, I get a little sting in my heart every time the money leaves my account.  I get the obligatory receipt of service and then I think, "Am I really getting value from this?"  

In order, to mitigate that sting, we created in Settings "Fun Facts".  This automatically gets sent with the notification to your borrowers that they made their payment, but then give them a little fun fact of value to improve their lives and mitigate that sting. 

Below is a copy and paste file to swipe and deploy for your use!  Feel free to edit for your own purposes...

Fun Facts:

If you put a 1/ 4 teaspoon of baking powder when hard boiling eggs the egg shells will peel off easier.  

Thanks for being the kind of person that honors their committments... 

I appreciate you.. 

You're the best.

Buy more land... 

Did you know storing batteries in the freezer can double their lifespan... Pretty geeky tip huh?  Thanks so much for your business.  We appreciate you like an eskimo appreciates a hot tub...  

If you're in an area where you should have cell phone service, but don't, put your phone on airplane mode and then switch back. This will cause your phone to register and find all the towers in your vicinity. Pretty geeky huh?  Thanks again for being awesome!

Get rid of nighttime coughs by putting Vicks VapoRub on your feet and then placing socks over them. Your cough will stop within minutes.  Pretty geeky huh?  Thanks again for being awesome! 

Spam texts bothering you? Forward them to 7726 and your carrier will reply asking for the number it came from to help stop the spam.  Pretty geeky huh?  Thanks again for being awesome!

Are you stressed out? Did you know putting Tums on a painful mouth ulcer will cause it to go away in a matter of hours!  Pretty geeky huh?  Thanks again for being awesome!

Eat something really spicy?  Eating a teaspoon of sugar will completely neutralize the heat sensation! Pretty geeky huh?  Thanks again for being awesome!

Do you have smelly shoes?  Put them in a ziploc bag and freeze overnight.  Goodbye smell! Same goes for jeans... Pretty geeky huh?  Thanks again for being awesome! Oh yeah... Invest in more land.  Go to for more info... 

If you accidentally over-salt a dish while cooking, drop a peeled potato into the mix.  The potato will absorb the excess salt!  Pretty geeky huh?  Thanks again for being awesome!

Having trouble sleeping?  Look at pictures of other people sleeping.  This triggers a response in your brain that actually makes you feel more tired. Pretty geeky huh?  Thanks again for being awesome!

Have hiccups?  Here is the geeky cure... Inhale through your mouth, swallow saliva twice, and slowly exhale through your nose for a 100% effective hiccup cure!  
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